Team Member Appreciation Day

Celebrating our Incredible Team Members TMAD

Celebrating our Incredible Team Members 

Our incredible team members transform us from being just four walls and a kitchen to being something that matters in the lives of our guests. 

Every spring, we pause with intentionality and gratitude for Team Member Appreciation Season, a celebration in honor of our team members.  

We celebrate our team members who have reached a milestone anniversary with us, from 5 years of service all the way to 50. Yes, this year, we celebrated four team members who hit the 50-year mark! When team members reach 25 years of service, they become lifelong members of our Quarter Century Club and are inducted at a special event. We have over 300 active team members in the club! 

Although we have countless long-time team members who have stuck around with us for decades, it’s not all about tenure. We take this time each year to make sure each and every one of our team members knows that they make a difference on our team.